About us


A longstanding family-run business (starting 1940) in the manufacturing and packaging of PIMENTÓN DE LA VERA. Our company policy aims primarily to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients by providing a Quality and Homogeneous Product.

As PIONEERS in our sector, we have chosen to modernize our packaging and use an innovative, attractive and original design. Our new brand of La Vera Paprika, with Designation of Origin: LAS HERMANAS, will be the future for National and International Gourmet Markets and the brand: LOS EXTREMEÑOS, retaining its traditional craftsman personality.


We promise our customers QUALITY, demonstrated by the following certificates:

We exhaustively monitor and control both the cultivation of the pepper crop and the Paprika Making process.

We have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), which integrates all the company processes and guarantees traceability on “every step” in real time.

We have also incorporated Software for managing the relationship with clients, known as CRM (Customer relationship management), to enable us to personally address all the issued raised by our customers. This allows us to obtain constant feedback, as our customers have the opportunity to write reviews and share thoughts using social networks like Facebook o Twitter, ultimately allowing us to get to know your tastes and preferences better.