Las Hermanas Club

Las Hermanas Club was created with the aim of offering a better and greater service to our private clients.

All those who request it may form the Club, after completing the questionnaire-form and acceptance of the rules of use and privacy policy. Once you are a member you can enjoy specific benefits as a member of the Club, which will be communicated to you by different means.

Membership of the Club will be renewed annually automatically, if not stated otherwise.

club las hermanas



    With your registration you will get a 4% discount coupon for your first purchase.


    We will send you a discount coupon to make use of it on the dates next to your birthday.


    Preferential access to offers, promotions, new releases or limited edition products.


    about what type of product best fits your needs.

  • Preferential access to newsletter


It is very simple. You can register by filling in the form, calling us at our telephone +34 927 17 20 57 or writing an e-mail to, an advisor to the company will indicate the steps to follow and request a series of data and information to register and enjoy the benefits for Club members.

Basic contact information, day and month of birth, product that you buy or usually buy, how often you visit us, if you agree to receive promotions …

Yes. You are free to not answer or answer any question on the form, but this will have an impact on you not being able to benefit from or take advantage of being part of the Club. For example, if you do not agree to provide a mobile phone, we will not be able to send you via SMS a discount or a promotion if it were planned, likewise with the email, if you do not provide it we will not be able to send you the newsletter or the promotions of that month.

The most common reasons for not receiving emails may be related to:

  • He thought he provided an email and did not, or gave one he did not review.
  • The email is categorized as SPAM and may be reaching the “Spam” folder of your email.
  • He wrote his email and did not register well when he was discharged due to the lack of readability.

It will happen that you will not receive them again. To do this you must communicate it, so that we update in our database that you do not want to receive newsletter and / or promotions. You can do it by calling +34 927 17 20 57 or writing an email to

We remind you that if you suspend receiving notifications you will not be able to benefit from discounts or promotions.

None. Being part of the Club is free, so there is no cost to you.

Yes. Being part of the Club does not prevent you from participating in other competitions or initiatives of the company outside the Club.

By telephone +34 927 17 20 57 or by e-mail,, you can request the rectification of any information you give when you register.

The average correction time for email is 24-48 hours, and for immediate phone calls or up to 24 hours.

Yes. At any time, using the form, telephone +34 927 17 20 57 or e-mail, you can request to register again as a member of the Club.

No. The Club is an initiative for the end customer and legal persons or groups are not accepted in the Club.

Yes. The purpose of being part of the Club is to create a community where we can exchange information with our final customer, offer a better service and better purchase conditions, but if someone wants to be part of it without being a customer, they can do so.

No. The online store is a marketing channel that is not included in the Club, but has its own discounts and / or promotions.